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Dear ICA Community,

Here is the zoom link for the ICA elections for 6 pm to 7 pm tonight, August 29, 2021:

Meeting ID: 853 4688 1721

Password: 166144

Remember, the vote is completely anonymous!

These are the instructions:

1. Click on the zoom link.

2. Sign in with sso/netid. (When you use sso, you may need to enter "illinois" in a textbox).

3. The password is 166144. Enter it in order to join.

4. When you enter you are muted. You should be able to see the poll pop up. (Click the poll icon at the bottom if you are not able to see it). To vote, select the candidate on the poll, and then click submit. Please just vote for either Amir Jafari or Mehrdad Mohammadi and then leave.

If you have any questions during the election, you can contact Saaber Pourmotabbed at 901-828-1142.

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